The Monaghan has landed!!!!

21 Aug

Well after an all day breakfast to raise energy levels, a quick coffee with a future colleague (Cat) and  after just a short delay at Luton I was on my way.  The journey started with a good sign with not the expected Blue Air aircraft but one from Mint Airways….hopefully the rest of my experience would be just Mint also.

It started well with extra leg room on the aircraft (I know I soooooooo need it!).  We were set to get on our way when a freaky tall bloke was insistent he needed extra leg room and  he had paid and requested for it…..I did my good deed and volunteered to sort the problem so we could get on our way and swapped seats and my good deed for the day was sorted – the Captain was appreciative of my gesture and said I could sit in cabin crew seats once we had taken off – so win win!

On arrival at Bucharest it dawned on me there were no trolleys to assist with my abnormal amount of luggage I had.  After asking for help or a solution from staff they said I must do it.  So thankfully no customs at Bucharest airport (well the little one anyway) so I commenced in a relay getting a bag and running out to arrivals passing it to the driver who was picking me up and then going back through to baggage collection – glad the security guard on the door understood and saw common sense!

Anyway so this does not read like an essay….in my flat typing away…..all things unpacked and air con on….first shop done….few beers had in sun this afternoon……at the mo living between the pad and the hotel…..arrrgggghhhh speaking of which need to get back there ready to go out for some beers and something to eat in the old town……(mental note to oneself – it is not a drinking contest – must not drink too much on the first outing out!)….last night does not count in hotel and was saved by the bar closing at 11!!!




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