Romania has talent and Amy Winehouse tribute in Bucharest

24 Aug

Getting to bed before midnight was the aim for last night and I succeeded just…..11.47pm!

A thirty something is in danger of trying to recreate his 20 somethings again, however with less stamina, less tolerance to alcohol (although this is being rectified slowly) and a slower metabolism that is leading to new wobbly bits due to extensive food and beverages!

Anyway the evening started at the commercial center having a quick snack after shopping before getting a taxi back.  The first taxi was refused due to charging more than twice as much as the next one, thought there would be more hostility after the rejection due to his price but he just shrugged his shoulders and invited us to take the next one.

After a quick shower and my first ever use of a top loader washing machine it was time to head out again this time to the square round the corner from the pad to an Amy Winehouse tribute concert.  We did not know what to expect but for free it entertained for a while and we got some posh foam slabs to sit on – which we did off and on!

The pre entertainment to proceedings started with the winner of Romania has talent (or maybe not) but it amused me for a while….ok for far too long to be healthy!

Then came a number of what I think were local pop stars who contributed some Amy Winehouse songs mixed with some of there own stuff.  Like I say ok for free and nice way to spend the evening outside.

So all in all a good night but far too many beers at £1 a pint :-S


One Response to “Romania has talent and Amy Winehouse tribute in Bucharest”

  1. Dicko August 24, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

    Wow! You must have been taking dancing lessons Mono, you’re much better than I remember!

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