First day….

26 Aug

Well yesterday was the first day at school (no kids though and only new starters…and probably not quite a full day).  School minibus picked us up at a leisurely 8.30 and the day was really about getting medicals sorted which included a psychological test with such questions as:

” Would you like sacrificing animals?  Would you be scared if you were stood next to a rail way track with a train coming would you be afraid?”

Then before we knew it lunch had passed and we needed to head to the hospital for xrays which if it wasn’t for the good banter and conversation could have proved a little painful due to the wait and the ambience of the corridor!

Anyway a quick walk home, a quick shower and a quick call the credit card company (due to apparent fraudulent activity – after 20mins of proving who I was it turns out was just me buying currency!) it was time to rush across town for the Dinamo game….which it turns out was all ticket so we settled for beer and food and a quest to find the Celtic game on somewhere (we failed but found the Rangers game – not a good night for Scottish football!).

Well time for me to get off for my second day at school.


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