So reality strikes!!!

28 Aug

Well the sudden reality today that this was not a holiday and in fact I was out here to work hit home big time today!  Schemes of work to do, INSETS to prepare for blah blah blah!!!

Anyway yesterday was first session of ultimate frisbee at the American International school  and in the sun and heat hard work but very good.  Think a few more training sessions and will be competitive to a certain extent…..others may disagree but think it is more of a team sport than many….roll on my first footy game.  May even see us in Sofia for a tournament!

Well after a quick shower it was out for a bite to eat and a few drinks and a few revelations…like Paul wanted to be a parrot…you had to be there but very funny.  Once evening turned to night it was time to take on the Americans (well once we were able to find them!!!) and this time it was Karaoke and once we found the bar they were at it was time time to mingle and to let battle commence as well as make a few new friends and have a totally fab time.  First though there was a bizzare sight of a bride a best man and a few brides maids at the microphone singing karaoke…..a Romanian tradition is that during the reception the  bride and a few others are ‘kidnapped’ and only released once the groom pays up….and apparently the Karaoke was the safe house until ransoms had been paid!

Spice girls was the choice for the British lads well a Welsh, Scot and English man and a couple of English Women….and too be perfectly honest I think  we did a job with entertainment given to the watching masses.

Today was when reality struck with the start of some work.  However, that ended sooner than perhaps needed as there was a social gathering for drinks and nibbles at the Head of Primary’s place….a nice little do as well…but sees me only arriving home over 8 hours after departure but all good :-).  Anyway with that in mind bed is calling….night night!  oh and what is this 8-2 result all about well done Utd!!!!


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