First rain in Bucharest

7 Sep

Well this morning introduced me to a little rain which made a nice change and meant the walk to the bus stop was a little cooler than normal.  However temperature still hovering around 30ish.

So what has one been upto since last post MMMmmmm well there is a Festival on at the moment Geirge Enescu so there has been loads of live music on around the place on various stages set up around the city with choirs, orchestras, jazz bands and lots more.

Saturday saw Ultimate Frisbee again at the American school 3 hours of activity in the sun just right for getting over a hangover although my elbow brushed against the side of a fellow Ultimate player that saw him crash to the floor shouting in pain and thumping the floor and needing to be subbed, it is a non contact sport but to be honest a good job the fella does not play rugby!

After playing footy last night with some guys from school (a welsh man, a scots man and a kiwi…..sure there is a joke there!) against some blokes from the British Embassy we went direct to an Irish bar (original!) to grab the England v Wales game KO local time 10pm….needless to say this morning was the first day the alarm actually had to jump into action.

So apart the rain and school, it was my first day at the gym today at the Raddison….very nice indeed although no water fountain you have to buy bottles!  Oh and tickets were bought for the Ian Brown concert…right a tiny bit of work before an early night.


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