Another weekend has arrived…

9 Sep

Well it seems like I have been in Bucharest forever which I suppose is a god thing!  When in fact it is just my third weekend here and the end of my second week.  Well I decided tonight after work to come straight on home go to the gym and then a swim, jacuzzi and sauna and glad I did feel fresh as a daisy!  So glad I did not go straight out after work as would be on my 6th or 7th beer by now.  Where in fact I am off out in an hour (bars are open late late late or early early early depending on your viewpoint).

Supposed to be playing Ultimate at 9am tomorrow morning at the American school not too sure that will happen but I have good intentions then a dash back for the England rugby!

Right best get ready and do a quick clean around the apartment before I go out…..oh and the picture from a Maxi Taxi my first experience after footy yesterday after school…..basically in between a bus and a taxi total cost 1.5 lei about 30pence!


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