An evening in!

15 Sep

Well Tuesday was football with some guys from the Embassy then tea out with some Pub Grub although it was late dining for a school night with food being served up about 9.30ish.  Due to Fish and chips only being served on a Thursday (I don’t know!) I went for a burger and it was good grub although as Paul commented “could have eaten another one.”

Last night after school was a mad dash to the gym for a quick hour before rushing to Mojos reopening after a refurb for a Pub Quiz.  About 17 teams were there, lots of Brits and various other Expats including a large contingent from the American School.  The challenge had been thrown down not to be beaten by any of the American teams and our pride would have been hurt…..our team the Quizteama Aquilara (I know not my choice!) managed a respectable 6th place and more importantly we finished above the Americans although it was very close!

One of the highlights was a very mad Ukrainian women who disputed the answer to a question about a particular Eastern European soup which was made from Beetroot but she was having none of it and insisted it was cabbage.  To the extent that she forced her way on to the stage grabbed the microphone and said we were all wrong and no ne knew what they were talking about (or words to that effect!).

The evening ended with a Kebab for most and Karaoke for some.  Tonight just a bit of a rest and catch up on washing and a few other bits and pieces after playing football after school.


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