Weekend number 4

18 Sep

Well I start by saying that I can not believe it is just 4 weeks in – it feels like I have been in Bucharest forever (that being a good thing!).

Friday saw the usual few beers down the woods and then a pizza in a little restaurant which I think has come to be almost a second home to staff at the school especially those who are living out near the school.  As ever the beers flowed and good conversation.  However, an early finish to the night was scuppered (when I say early I mean about midnight!) and saw big shapes being busted on a few dance floors especially in the Gin Factory where the handful of us Brits could easily be identified with the wayward dancing taking place.  The rest of the night it has to be said was a little bit of a blur and saw me get in after 5am.  However, I still managed to make Frisbee on Saturday a little worse for wear which was observed with my general uncoordinated state that made the simplest thing seem a fairly big challenge.

Saturday night soon arrived after Frisbee finished and saw a few more beers be consumed and saw is attending a wedding reception (of sorts!) to celebrate some friends friend wedding back in the UK.  A good night was had by all again with great hosts and venue provided by the Fab 5 (5 of the young ladies at work who share a flat).

Anyway off to watch the Celtic v Rangers game now followed by Utd and Chelsea before coming back to do a little ironing!  Joy….


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