Long time no see…

4 Oct

Gosh I can not believe how busy it has been over the last couple of weeks!  However things are starting to settle in a little bit of a routine during the week now….

  • Monday work followed by gym and a bit of a run (trying to get ready for the 10km run this weekend in Bucharest) followed by spin class for an hour (hard work but the views can offer some encouragement 😉 – then shower, washing, tea and a bit of work before bed…
  • Tuesday work followed by footy with work mates and some guys from the embassy.
  • Wednesday is a flexible day at the moment varying from gym to footy to pub quiz, to going out for a bite to eat with some lovely yanks, to a quiet evening, so we’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings but looking like footy against another international school followed by a drink or three with one or more of the formentioned lovely yanks.
  • Thursday is touch rugby which is quite good for a change.
  • Friday will involve some beer along the way and normally some good company….last week it was a road trip to Bulgaria (Sofia) and this week a Poker night is looking favourite.

Weekends are more a varied feast but it seems inevitable alcohol will take some part in events.  Weekend 5 was to be Oktoberfest in the Radisson but we ended boycotting and went for food and lots of beers elsewhere – which saw one of the party fall asleep on the way home about 5am and wake up at 7am to finish his journey!

The weekend just gone saw a road trip to Bulgaria to play Ultimate Frisbee in Sofia.  For our first tounament we were not disgraced and won 1 and lost 2.  So a good weekend and my first driving experience in Romania and Bulgaria which was much better than I expected.

This weekend coming well Poker night on Friday followed by a Party on Saturday.  The theme of the party is Pop Videos so will let you know how our costumes get on and may even be a photo or two……but a very British theme for our selection to educate our American cousins……so watch this space.


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