Time is flying…

11 Oct

Well less than 2 weeks till half term where has the time gone….absolutely unbelievable!

A busy weekend yet again in Bucharest although a little bit of a blur as many others I’m sure will back me up on.  Friday night saw the three Amigos also known as Alex, David and Paul host a jolly house party which saw them snap into action and clean their pad….very impressive too.  Poker formed part of the evening with some of the better players maybe a little bemused by a number of the novices (which included me) but me and a few of the novices still made it to the final table and Floody being one of the aforementioned novices winning the pot well done fella!  After that was a bit of a blur and saw me for a moment or two take a rest and lay down on one of the beds then it was time to go and it was just a nap for a moment or two….but thanks lads for a good evening!

Saturday followed quickly with a shopping trip to get the outfits for a birthday bash in the evening.  The theme pop videos…..we went for the legendary early 90s band Red or Dead and looked very dashing in our red spandex.  So on the looking like complete prats we clearly won but think Devo won the night for the group costumes but plenty of other great effort went into the costume area from others.  However, a little drawing on various body parts with marker pen and the preview of the Ultimate Frisbee tour video compilation (which was fantastically put together – well done MB!)…..saw time come to head into town and for memory loss to start and when I say memory loss total complete memory loss big style with memory arriving at our first destination the Gin Factory being my only for the rest of the night (over 5 hours of it)….scary stuff….my only salvation is that others (far younger) suffered equally as much memory loss! No recollection of Mojo’s, kebabs or getting home (or not as it turned out!).

Well 9.05am and I started to come round and as my eyes opened at a n extremely slow and weary state then slowly realising I was on the floor with a duvet on top of me and there was a ceiling I didn’t recognise….for a moment I was disorientated then suddenly my basic instincts slapped in my brain started clicking into action and bang…..it was Sunday morning I was supposed to be running a quarter of a marathon in a relay team in 5 minutes arrrgggggh….I leaped to my feet looked around and realised I was at Cats in her lounge….questions would have to wait I needed to run (quite literally)….I shouted thanks and I was off.  A quick run across the square to mine change into shorts and run round the corner for a taxi and I was on my way….I made it!!!!  Although a little drunk still I was there ready (well there as I said) to run the second leg for my team.  So off I went and not a bad time less than 50 minutes by some way so I have been told (I was not timing).  However, the race was not over me as another team member had not turned up so still being a little not myself I stood forward to run the last leg (so effectively running a half marathon with no training and drunk!)……for a note a new word has entered the vocabulary of the English speaking residents of Bucharest which was ‘doing a Farrell’ which means letting your team mates down……only joking Paul…..I was fine with it really it was David who coined the phrase!

So basically after some food what was left of the day was spent in recovery and rest.

Last night was a quick spell on cross trainer then a spin class followed by a nice Italian for tea with as ever some great company.

So suppose that brings you all up to date with life in Bucharest it was just footy tonight and a bit of a rest.



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