No football, some football, what tomorrow?

19 Oct

Well Sunday started well enough with a New Zealand win and only Coke passing my lips (oh and an all day English breakfast!).

But this was ok as the plan was to play footy after the Rugby and have our first semi competitive game as FC Bucharest Casuals.  But as with all well planned events the spanners started to appear during the rugby with various calls that were giving apologies and for others they were not contactable  and had gone to ground.  However, the last 6 standing (well Cairan was sort of standing!), we made are way to our ground for the 1pm kick off.  Eager as we were to make a game of it there was no opposition and our contact was not answering….we hung around a little until we decided to retreat to the nearest bar and have the first official AGM/Social for the FC Bucharest Casuals.

We were happy enough that we were still undefeated but knew there was a lot of building to do so we put some plans in place (very quickly) and agreed to set another date for our debut game after half term.  Like any good Sunday League team the beers started to flow, then flow some moe and then a little further until we ended up in a bar where you just serve yourself at your table with your own personal beer tap!  Well by 8.30pm it was time time to get ourselves home and at 3am I found myself waking up from a sleep (… not in Lipscani – I know it makes a change!!!) but on my Sofa… that was no football!

Some football is there to explain yesterday watch Utd in the champions league where the pre match meal dragged on much longer than was anticipated, the bill took longet to sort than one could imagine over 300 Lei short how does that work out when everyone said they put well over the odds in to cover their food and beer?  Anyway a fast trot to the metro which on the map looked a simple enough exercise but in reality it beat a over a dozen degress and master degrees and a few post docs too – so we ended up making a dash for some taxis.  Making the kick off was not the only problem we were ticket shor (I am certain I checked, doubled and tripled checked – but I apologise I must have got it wrong!) – so ended up picking one for up from a tout.  We finally made it into the ground together only to find Romanians in our seats and stewards less than helpful in helping us reclaim them – after a while over half the party managed to get into their seat but as half time approached myself and 6 others were escorted to some spare seats – after a fair old walk under the stands it became clear that we were off in the Utd end.  SO managed to say the whole of the second half but a fairly uninspiring match despite a 2-0 score line.  So that was the some football!  Take a look at the video below at the pretty impressive National Arena in Bucharest and a few clips of the game.


So moving swiftly onto what tomorrow, well will it be football, touch rugby or none at all….whatever it is, it will followed by a curry….nice!


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