A quick review and catch up….

25 Dec

Well as I sit here back in Blighty on this Christmas morning presents unwrapped, some Christmas chocolates already being consumed and mince pies having been eaten I quickly look back on the last entry on the blog and can not believe it was back in October!

So as the turkey is cooking and mum and dad do there Christmas day chores thought I would review the things that have taken place since October on my new tablet πŸ™‚

Right gosh, what has happened? October seems so long away now!

Mmmmmm well there was a Halloween bash that made me appreciate that unlike in the uk Halloween is about ghosts and scary things….Americans just take at as an excuse to dress up…..from smurfs, to reality celebrities, cowboys, wrestlers, a German, star wars characters and everything I between! With the Brit contingent sticking close to the remit with witches and zombies being top of the bill…..oh and the half British/American showing how she continues to be confused and dressing as Christmas! Once again another great night with my American cousins!

Since October we have seen the bucharest casuals have their first proper outing with a healthy number attending. A Bucharest casuals Facebook group and blog set up, a kit ordered, committee elected (well when I say elected…) and first fines dished out – mainly to me….but hey read more on the blog http://bucharestcasuals.wordpress.com/

Sure I am missing lots out but I do remember remember the 5th November…..and yep a bonfire, guy Fawkes and fireworks were involved! A splendid do at the crowne plaza with way tooooo much beer flowing! Have to admit I have since given more money to the charity as the constant beer runs due to the free bar on reflection certainly made sure we got our monies worth but maybe a little excessive.

There have been plenty of celebrations for various things along the way, you know the usual….birthdays, end of term, end of the working week, end of the working day, end of a kick about, end of a spinning class, half way through the week….you get the idea plenty of drinking whether in lipscani or elsewhere…..although the last couple of weeks have seen recovery time take much longer and shows that may be the thirty something is finally catching up with me!

Oh and I entertined Rich and Dan who came out to Bucharest for a flying visit. Literally arriving early Saturday morning and departing early Monday morning. Well all the Bucharest crowd made them welcome….and saw a little culture and way to much beer that saw Rich unable to work his legs….thanks guys for making the pilgrimage πŸ™‚

Gosh soooo much to mention…..but will keep to the highlights as the pub is calling in 30mins for me to go take my Dad for a Christmas pint before dinner. OK sooooo there was the Christmas day over at amoritto towers which once again was a great event hosted by the girls with crackers, jumpers, Christmas pud and more stuffing and roasties to shake a stick at Christmas had indeed arrived early in Bucharest before December had arrived!

December saw a long weekend in Rome. A great weekend, in a great city….yeah you’ve guest it with great people…even if the girlies did tke a while to get ready.

The end of term soon arrived with Christmas concerts and the Christmas work party at the bosses house another good spread and do in Bucharest. This was followed by the Americans bash again a different affair to the Brits but still a fantastic night with live bands and singing and the free food and beverages helped.

In summary an absolutely fantastic first few months in Bucharest which has seen me experience some great new stuff but even better make some great new friends…..so Merry Christmas and to all you special people who have been part of this thirty somethings last few months….thank you and have a great start to the new year….

Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New years πŸ™‚


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