Change of apartment, Istanbul and more snow

7 Feb

Well the snow is still hanging around in Romania…..till March I have been told. We have benefitted from one snow day so far but other have benefitted from more (maybe because they are softer!). Today it was not so much the snow that caused the issue for some but the wind….well I hope you all enjoyed yet another day off….there must be an explanation in there somewhere as to why the British were pretty good at Empire building as it seems our leaders will keep us working when others think it is too windy, snowy or sunny!!!

I have switched from downtown to the edge of suburbia for the time being, my city pad being used as a very occasional city crash pad. The reason for the move well lets just say I wanted to spend a little more time with someone a little special… switched apartments….However, it has taken we a good few weeks to be able to get in the kitchen, but now she is slowly allowing participation with a Sunday Roast with Yorkshires and the other trimming being cooked up on Sunday and a chicken and vegetable curry bake….don’t ask combined a few recipes but turned out ok!

As for Istanbul well that was my birthday surprise from the previously mentioned young lady who picked me up from work in a taxi with a bag and off to the airport we went….a surprise weekend away (well apart from I sort of guessed – but more of a hunch than anything else!). Although it was a shock to find we had left one snowy city for another…we were not expecting summer but not snow either…lucky enough we had packed plenty of warm clothing. The Blue Mosque, a trip to the Spice Bazaar, a ferry trip, a fancy meal at the panoramic 360 restaurant and a fancy apartment with Jacuzzi bath were amongst the highlights.

Soooooo life moves onwards and upwards in Bucharest. With Amsterdam in the pipeline, France skiing, back to blighty for a week or so and people coming to visit it schould be another fun packed few months.


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