Snow, snow go away come again another day…well maybe not!

14 Feb

Well today is another snow day at work (well the second one of the year so far anyway!)….cars are buried once more….which will mean some digging later I am sure….there is a slightly calm after the storm sort of feel with everywhere a little quieter than normal.

So I suppose the snow day gives me a little extra time than normal on my hands so a quick update about this thirty something in Bucharest.

It has been a little busy this week, in a good way.  With doctor appointments (don’t worry this thirtysomething we live to fight another day….well for the time being anyway!), evening meetings at work along with the more pleasurable…. cirque du soleil which visited Bucharest this week….some of it to be fair from a single (sort of) bloke in Bucharest point of view could have been deemed slightly ‘arty farty’ and pretentious to a certain extent but there were enough acts in between which made me gasp in places and made me hold my belly in, in a vein attempt not to feel too inferior to some of the performers torso areas!  Here is a clip of when the circus visited back in 2009 to give you a taste of the venue and what we saw this time round.

There was also a private viewing of Handheld (well I say private there were a 100+ others there too who braved the snow)….but it was for charity.  Basically this American photographer guy came over during the revolution and took some pictures and highlighted the Romanian orphan situation and through a few twists and turns set up a charity which helps Romanian orphans….now once the US Ambassador here had stopped waving the stars and stipes and made a number of points which centered around how better off the Romanians were once the Americans had arrived I was expecting an emotional roller coaster of emotions.  Below is a teaser to give you an idea about Handheld:

The people who had been before said that I better have the hankies at the ready…..and to be fair there were a handful of occasions when there were astonishing pictures that shocked but afraid to say no real life changing cheer jerking moments…..I did not really get to find out what the charity was all about and how it worked apart from the fact they did something with orphans.  It was certainly not a Challenge Anika Romanian Orphanage cheer jerker sort of thing…..try to find a clip somewhere of the said Romanian episode but with no luck but here is the opening titles to remind those in the no…..and am sure any Brit (who are old enough) will remember the said episode and be able to inform any Americans about it!

Well by then the weekend was here and it was United against Liverpool….which saw me surrounded by lots of Romanian scousers and a few genuine ones in a pub here called Half Time….I thought it may be tough going but as I knew deep down my passion has died a little for the beautiful game but hey still good to see the scousers have to frimly look for success in cups to have a chance in Europe…..poor old scousers!  This was followed by rugby and a fairly early night due to a little too much fast paced afternoon drinking…..and from reports it was a good job that I called it a night early on…..questions on postcards please!!!

Anyway that is more than enough musing for the time being….time to shuffle a little snow….do a little work (maybe) and then food followed by cinema me thinks…


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