A busy few weeks…

11 Mar

Well the snow is finally looking like it has lost the battle and is melting away nicely…

This thirty something is slowly feeling it these days with aches, pains and injuries all over the place.  In a bid to not let FC Bucharest Casuals down today I turned up and ran around but generally I think all would agree my skills but also our collective skills and cohesion seem to be reducing with every week we play!  At this rate by the time we are back in the open air and looking for opponents we will need to look for an Under 12s side….

The silver lining, is there are now a few weeks off for the Casuals to reflect and regroup.  Next weekend a bunch off us are off to Rome to take in a Six nations game and possibly see a Scotland win?!?!?  A certainty however is that Paul will have his legs out and kilt on!  The following week my parents are making the pilgrimage to come and see me out here, so looking forward to that and showing them around.  Then the week after that it’s time for a couple of weeks off and a break from Bucharest with Skiing in France then a week back in blighty, which should be fun….meeting the girlfriends parents for the first time :-S wish me luck!

……………………….right I will resume (4 hours after starting…) just finished tidying up after making sunday roast for me and 6 friends (well with a little help).  Everyone seemed pleased enough although I am my worst critic the Yorkshire Puddings were a little on te flat side and them parsnips a little too much time in the oven……but hey not too bad for a full roast in a smallish kitchen and just a single oven with one shelf………………time for some TLC before bed then work in the morning.


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