Weekend in Rome and Spring appears to be here….

21 Mar

Well an enjoyable weekend was had in Rome.  After getting to the most excellent Banessa airport (those in the know will know it is far from excellent – probably the reason it closes on Sunday!) in a shuttle of cars straight after work in preperation for lines and long wait at passport and security it was not too bad at all – but the rub side was we were going to be delayed by a few hours….

No problem we found and claimed a corner of the departure lounge (well more of a room) and got the first round in and the time flew from there and we seemed to board the plane and arrive in Rome pretty soon after the beer drinking commenced.  Alcohol can be a force for good.  A taxi drive called Luigi (well actually not his name was Alberto but after a few beers some members of our party – David! – thought the resemblence to the famous character was too much just to ignore) gave us a lift into Rome. 

We found our digs but no room for us – apparently something wrong with the wall?!?!!? But it was all ok we had been booked into the place across the road.  However cutting a long story short and avoiding going into a rant (unlikr the receptionist) we were greeted by the rudest man on the reception – we were taking back and still I am a little riled about his lack of manners….anyway once we had made a quick trip to the cash machine we decided for a n early night to be fresh for the morning.

6am the following morning the 4 of us sharing the room came round and after some general laddy talk, insults, bad smells, showering we were up and out before 9am ready to do a quick tour of the main sites of Rome before heading to the Olympic stadium to watch Italy whip Scotlands backside and have a good a crack with lots of men wearing skirts and may be a beer or two to celebrate St Paddys day!


Well after a whistle stop tour of the main sites, much walking and a bite to eat and a large ice cream we headed to the ground to secure some tickets and all 9 of us eventually got tickets an no one needed to be Billy and sit on their own.  Scotland were poor, the sun was out and mexican waves were plentiful.  The end of the match soon arrived with a quick rush to an Irish bar to secure good viewing positions to see Wales secue the grand slam against the French and see England demolish the Irish.  There was time for much drinking, chatting and even a game of street touch rugby which only saw one of our party get injured with a gash above the eye which saw blood flowing…thankfully a bit os tissue and a plaster from a girls bag and all was good with the world again.

Onwards to another Irish bar and a little dancing and a little nap for one of our party before another earlish night (I know must be old age – but 12 hours of drinking does that to you!). 

The next day we were up and about and consuming an all day breakfast by 9.30 which left the rest of the day to see the sights we did not get round to seeing the day before and have a bite to eat before catching the train to the airport and home to Bucharest…..another smashing weekend 🙂

And not only that but only a few patches of snow remain with the sun having been shining all weekend and for the first few days this week in Bucharest….roll on the weekend and my Mum and Dad arriving to visit.


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