Holiday time again…..well almost!

2 Apr

So Friday will see me on a plane and off skiing for a week in France followed by a week back in blighty catching up with friends and actually sepnding a few days down in Cornwall (well south west at any rate) with the prospective outlaws (I mean Inlaws and Mmmmm gosh that seems like things are progressing very fast…….should say the girlfriends folks – who I will be meeting for the first time….wish me luck!).

Anyway speaking of the parents, mine were over last weekend experiencing Bucharest for the first time.  With the tired old Baneasa airport closing last weekend they were one of the lasts ones to experience flying into it which was good from a certain point of few as I really do not think they had grasped how small arrivals actually was.  And with them bringing a suitcase and my bicycle over and fighting with two planes landing close to each other they had the full experience of jossling to get their luggage.  George our taxi man whisked them off to their hotel and we took our goodies and my bike back to the flat.  With a sunny weekend in prospect we planned alot of walking around, eating and drinking on the way.  It was good to see them and did all the main sites although come Sunday all the fresh air had clearly tired me out.

However, come the start of the work week I was up for trying out my old friend the bicycle and headed for work at 6.30am excited to have the use of it but a littled apprenensive about the dogs and the traffic.   In the end I was presently surprised most of the dogs seem to be fast asleep at this hour and the most aggresive was a small pack of dogs on the other side of the road that gave a few barks more out of tradition.  So it was all going well, more exercise, romanian drivers a little more respectful than I was thinking and the dogs not quite as bad as all that when BANG!!!!  Thursday on the way home from work and over the handle bars I flew, scraping and crashing on the tarmac until I came to a stop….no dogs involved, no cars involved (thankfully) just my own heavy handedness as I pressed sharply on both breaks (too sharply on the front).  So after quickly jumping to my feet and dragging my bike off the road the pain of scraped flesh and a bit of a thud on the road suddenly became apparent and I collapsed to my knees as if praying to Mecca.  I am just glad my better half was also cycling home with me as when I finally decided to pull myself together and get onto my feet I fainted into her arms and started to hyperventillate (well at leaset so I have been told)…..anyway cutting a long story short once I came round and had some water and composed myself I was ok…..thankfully…….although I am still achey and sleep has been a little patchy due to shoulder, leg, wrist and arms pain making it difficult to get comfy.  But do not worry on the mend and in work today 🙂

So hoping my recovery continues ready for Skiing on Friday.  So will let you know how the skiing goes and the first meeting goes with the prospective outlaws….




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