Skiing in Tignes

8 Apr

Well first day of skiing (all be it very pedestrian!) done in Tignes.  A little achy but wrist, arm and foot all bearing up quite well although leg a little achy!

The flight and sleep over in London was not too bad….Fish and Chips were had followed by a fry up in the morning before departing to Gatwick to get the flight to Chambery.  There was a short delay which allowed time to browse around the shops and get some man time!  Although the girls have not been too bad…..although they do fuss a little…..and decision making seems to be an issue……sorry girls but it is true!

The transfer to the resort was a little ropey as this thirty something still gets a little travel sick from time to time and those windy mountain roads on a coach certainly brought this on…..but thankfully in a hand full of hours we had made the resort and it was pizza time and an early night.

Morning came and the majority of the girls decided to have a day of rest……I know travel for over 24 hours and spend a lot of money and they do not want to ski…..don’t figure!  Anyway the girls have all headed down to the next resort to meet an old work colleague from Bucharest who is back in France but with an avalanche, poor communication and much stress hopefully they have met up….whilst I am not stressed and enjoying some man time…. 

With my skiing was over in time to catch the second half of the United game and see them pull 8 point clear I am now typing this awaiting to see what City can respond with against Arsenal….so the teams are out and my fresh pint has just arrived so this is me signing out until next time…….

…..maybe another post in France or probably in the UK when I meet the potential future outlaws!!!


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