Back in Blighty and knackered….

20 Apr

Well after loosing the function of legs and arms on the final night in France and being a bit of an all round drama queen as tables were cleared and chairs erected for me to lay on whilst the restaurant manager bathed my forehead and provided salted water to drink I was looking forward to a quiter time once back in the UK.

I was feeling a little better once landed at Gatwick but by the time I arrived to Camden my first stop I was in need of sleep and for something to sooth my sore throat that had developed throughout the day.  What I thought was a little altitiude sickness and exhaustion from a week skiing with the girls was in danger of turning into ‘Man Flu’….I know a completley different beast with far reaching consequences for my week.

After a first night sleep I was up and ready to go (well sort of….was a little tired) but I needed to get upto Gods own county (Yorkshire in case there were a few doubts!) to spnd a few hours with the parents sister, nephew and brother in law before dashing onto York to see some mates in the evening.  Well after a longish drive I arrived said hello, had a drink and then went to bed for a few hours.  The rest although not going down too well with Mum gave me a second wind to get upto York.  I thought I would make it through the evening but fever was taking over and I left without eating anything and with my friends front door keys in hand headed to bed where I commenced to break into hot and cold sweats…..and believe me the bed sheets were soaked and I even thought I had over dozed on the old penecillan when I started seeing things……

Gosh anyway that night was the low point and saw we nip into a walk in NHS clinic just to get checked out the following day before heading to Manchester for the next leg of the UK tour.  After another night out it was time to head back down south and to Windsor before picking up the potential new outlaws from Heathrow the following morning.

Still coughing and spluttering we headed to the airport to pick up the potential outlaws from the airport and found that they had landed an hour early (how does that happemn?!?!?)….I hate being late…..especially at times like this……we found them sipping coffee but I still felt bad.  After a chat we were on the road to Exmoor via Dorchester to see Charlies new town and Exeter.  Well after three days of looking round National trust sites and RHS garden shows and so forth (although the Jurassic coast and fish and chips were good today – not that the others were not entertaining!) I feel I am almost out of the Man Flu danger and on the mend in time for work on Monday!  Even better think I have just about survived the potential outlaws and apart from the couging and spluttering will leave them with a good impression in a couple of days time!

Eyes are shutting and in need of sleep after another splendid 3 course meal made by our personal chef in the B&B.  48 hours then back to Bucharest for a rest and hopefully more sun and less rain…..gosh blighty is great.


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