Gosh the first year in Bucharest almost over….

27 Jun

I can hardly believe that its been almost 2 months since my last post!  It’s past so fast….

Well since then I’ve been back to England twice once for a stag do (in Leeds) and once for a wedding (a fantastic do it was too…..a nice quaint village church that could seat around 50 people, followed by a reception and party, party, party back at the family farm). 

Been upto Cluj (up in the north of Romania) and experience my first over night sleeper train here – not a bad experience as it goes.  Cluj was nice for a few days away although I think a little hyped by other who have been (AJ!!), but some great food and company and even had time to take in the Botanical Gardens (SA – I feel this may be part of my life from now on!).

Also went to the Queens reception and garden party hosted by the embassy over here on the pretense of networking (yep did chat and collect a few cards – but the distraction of fish and chips in a cone, mini yorkshire puddings with roast beef and mini shepperds pies were too much at times – as was the Pimms!).  But anyway was good to see Charlie boy their representing his Mum.

MMMmmmm what else well lots of meals out….as my belly will testify….and not too much gym…..not a good combination especially as summer hols are here and their may well be a call for my beach body (although I fear that however loud I call it will not appear!).

So four weeks in America then back to Romania for a quick tour around the mountains.  Followed by a trip to the Black Sea in Bulgaria for relaxation before I will greet my Mum for a week stay in Romania (how will my Dad cope a whole week by himself?!?!? Suppose we wil just have to wait and see!).


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