6 Jul

Well almost a week done in America…..well Vermont (I have been told that Vermont not really a true representation of America).

As my plane circled Burlington I could see why Vermont is known as the Green Mountain state and with Lake Champlain in the back drop too I was blown away by the scenery.  I was greeted with balloons and a little sign and then taken for my first taste of Americana with a burger and chili dog combo at Al’s Frys (Legendary in the Burlington area apparently) then a walk down and my first light beer at Lake Champlain on the pier.  Was a good first evening.

I was up at 6am the following morning and was taken for a bike ride for a little over two hours (little did I know that this trend would continue), saw some sights including Middlebury College and the town as well as various other little towns) although in the UK we would call them hamlets or villages at best).  Once again the scenery and weather were fantastic.  Then I had homemade waffles – a real treat – well once I was told about the ritual of preparation – butter, strawberries, berries etc etc then some maple syrup.  In the evening we went for a lovely meal at the quaint Starry Night restaurant where I met lots of new friends and possibly the new brother and sister in law….

You guessed it morning 2 saw an early morning bike ride for a good 90 minutes and take in some more towns and scenery.  Then after making a spanish omelette for breakfast it was off for a little boating n Lake Champlain that included near motionless lake, swimming, good food, beer and good company .  Then in the evening my first cook out (apparently not the same as BBQ – although a BBQ was used) – corn on the hob, chicken, potato salad and some toasted bread – lovely.

My first bagel for breakfast with sausage, bacon, egg on jalepeno bagel….twas lovely MMmmmmm.  Then a couple of hours more on the lake before another hilly bike ride to pick up a car to tootle around in for a few days.  Then a quick shower and out for fireworks to celebrate the 4th July (although it was the 3rd) down on the lake at Burlington – lots of people shouting Ammmurrika and F@ck Yeeaaaah and then every so often I thought I was stuck in a scene from Braveheart with cries of ‘Freedom’ every so often!

So the 4th July finally arrived and so an early get up (once again!) to get to Bristol to watch the out house racing at 9am (basically some people being pushed, dragged and pulled along whilst sat on a toilet!).  The highlight was the fried dough that I had shortly after but the hour and a half parade was good (although I did worry about if there was a fire or some sort of emergency as it seemed every fire engine, ambulance and police car from within 20 miles were taken part in the parade).  This was followed by a lazy day wondering round the town green meeting some more new friends and having a second cook out of the holiday.

Yesterday was the longest but least hilly cycle ride of the holiday so far that saw around 4 hours of cycling which took in the cycle path along the lake and to the causeway.  Also experienced my first drive through ATM (or cash machine as we call them).  However a nice relaxing evening was had with a take out pizza (lovely) and a take out growler of beer (basically a large glass container) and a downloaded movie Super Trooper (to fit in with the Vermont experience).

A great time at the moment in Vermont…..


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