Snow, snow go away come again another day…well maybe not!

14 Feb

Well today is another snow day at work (well the second one of the year so far anyway!)….cars are buried once more….which will mean some digging later I am sure….there is a slightly calm after the storm sort of feel with everywhere a little quieter than normal.

So I suppose the snow day gives me a little extra time than normal on my hands so a quick update about this thirty something in Bucharest.

It has been a little busy this week, in a good way.  With doctor appointments (don’t worry this thirtysomething we live to fight another day….well for the time being anyway!), evening meetings at work along with the more pleasurable…. cirque du soleil which visited Bucharest this week….some of it to be fair from a single (sort of) bloke in Bucharest point of view could have been deemed slightly ‘arty farty’ and pretentious to a certain extent but there were enough acts in between which made me gasp in places and made me hold my belly in, in a vein attempt not to feel too inferior to some of the performers torso areas!  Here is a clip of when the circus visited back in 2009 to give you a taste of the venue and what we saw this time round.

There was also a private viewing of Handheld (well I say private there were a 100+ others there too who braved the snow)….but it was for charity.  Basically this American photographer guy came over during the revolution and took some pictures and highlighted the Romanian orphan situation and through a few twists and turns set up a charity which helps Romanian orphans….now once the US Ambassador here had stopped waving the stars and stipes and made a number of points which centered around how better off the Romanians were once the Americans had arrived I was expecting an emotional roller coaster of emotions.  Below is a teaser to give you an idea about Handheld:

The people who had been before said that I better have the hankies at the ready…..and to be fair there were a handful of occasions when there were astonishing pictures that shocked but afraid to say no real life changing cheer jerking moments…..I did not really get to find out what the charity was all about and how it worked apart from the fact they did something with orphans.  It was certainly not a Challenge Anika Romanian Orphanage cheer jerker sort of thing…..try to find a clip somewhere of the said Romanian episode but with no luck but here is the opening titles to remind those in the no…..and am sure any Brit (who are old enough) will remember the said episode and be able to inform any Americans about it!

Well by then the weekend was here and it was United against Liverpool….which saw me surrounded by lots of Romanian scousers and a few genuine ones in a pub here called Half Time….I thought it may be tough going but as I knew deep down my passion has died a little for the beautiful game but hey still good to see the scousers have to frimly look for success in cups to have a chance in Europe…..poor old scousers!  This was followed by rugby and a fairly early night due to a little too much fast paced afternoon drinking…..and from reports it was a good job that I called it a night early on…..questions on postcards please!!!

Anyway that is more than enough musing for the time being….time to shuffle a little snow….do a little work (maybe) and then food followed by cinema me thinks…


Change of apartment, Istanbul and more snow

7 Feb Snow in Bucharest

Well the snow is still hanging around in Romania…..till March I have been told. We have benefitted from one snow day so far but other have benefitted from more (maybe because they are softer!). Today it was not so much the snow that caused the issue for some but the wind….well I hope you all enjoyed yet another day off….there must be an explanation in there somewhere as to why the British were pretty good at Empire building as it seems our leaders will keep us working when others think it is too windy, snowy or sunny!!!

I have switched from downtown to the edge of suburbia for the time being, my city pad being used as a very occasional city crash pad. The reason for the move well lets just say I wanted to spend a little more time with someone a little special… switched apartments….However, it has taken we a good few weeks to be able to get in the kitchen, but now she is slowly allowing participation with a Sunday Roast with Yorkshires and the other trimming being cooked up on Sunday and a chicken and vegetable curry bake….don’t ask combined a few recipes but turned out ok!

As for Istanbul well that was my birthday surprise from the previously mentioned young lady who picked me up from work in a taxi with a bag and off to the airport we went….a surprise weekend away (well apart from I sort of guessed – but more of a hunch than anything else!). Although it was a shock to find we had left one snowy city for another…we were not expecting summer but not snow either…lucky enough we had packed plenty of warm clothing. The Blue Mosque, a trip to the Spice Bazaar, a ferry trip, a fancy meal at the panoramic 360 restaurant and a fancy apartment with Jacuzzi bath were amongst the highlights.

Soooooo life moves onwards and upwards in Bucharest. With Amsterdam in the pipeline, France skiing, back to blighty for a week or so and people coming to visit it schould be another fun packed few months.

First Snow in Bucharest

23 Jan

Well over the weekend I sampled my first snow in Bucharest! My snow boots were finally able to be christened and ski jacket worn. However, it did not stop a little run around with Frisbee (indoors!) and beers happened as normal. Although mobile phone has been misplaced – possibly mid snow ball fight (well fight maybe a little too strong – a few poorly aimed snow balls!).

A quick review and catch up….

25 Dec

Well as I sit here back in Blighty on this Christmas morning presents unwrapped, some Christmas chocolates already being consumed and mince pies having been eaten I quickly look back on the last entry on the blog and can not believe it was back in October!

So as the turkey is cooking and mum and dad do there Christmas day chores thought I would review the things that have taken place since October on my new tablet 🙂

Right gosh, what has happened? October seems so long away now!

Mmmmmm well there was a Halloween bash that made me appreciate that unlike in the uk Halloween is about ghosts and scary things….Americans just take at as an excuse to dress up…..from smurfs, to reality celebrities, cowboys, wrestlers, a German, star wars characters and everything I between! With the Brit contingent sticking close to the remit with witches and zombies being top of the bill…..oh and the half British/American showing how she continues to be confused and dressing as Christmas! Once again another great night with my American cousins!

Since October we have seen the bucharest casuals have their first proper outing with a healthy number attending. A Bucharest casuals Facebook group and blog set up, a kit ordered, committee elected (well when I say elected…) and first fines dished out – mainly to me….but hey read more on the blog

Sure I am missing lots out but I do remember remember the 5th November…..and yep a bonfire, guy Fawkes and fireworks were involved! A splendid do at the crowne plaza with way tooooo much beer flowing! Have to admit I have since given more money to the charity as the constant beer runs due to the free bar on reflection certainly made sure we got our monies worth but maybe a little excessive.

There have been plenty of celebrations for various things along the way, you know the usual….birthdays, end of term, end of the working week, end of the working day, end of a kick about, end of a spinning class, half way through the week….you get the idea plenty of drinking whether in lipscani or elsewhere…..although the last couple of weeks have seen recovery time take much longer and shows that may be the thirty something is finally catching up with me!

Oh and I entertined Rich and Dan who came out to Bucharest for a flying visit. Literally arriving early Saturday morning and departing early Monday morning. Well all the Bucharest crowd made them welcome….and saw a little culture and way to much beer that saw Rich unable to work his legs….thanks guys for making the pilgrimage 🙂

Gosh soooo much to mention…..but will keep to the highlights as the pub is calling in 30mins for me to go take my Dad for a Christmas pint before dinner. OK sooooo there was the Christmas day over at amoritto towers which once again was a great event hosted by the girls with crackers, jumpers, Christmas pud and more stuffing and roasties to shake a stick at Christmas had indeed arrived early in Bucharest before December had arrived!

December saw a long weekend in Rome. A great weekend, in a great city….yeah you’ve guest it with great people…even if the girlies did tke a while to get ready.

The end of term soon arrived with Christmas concerts and the Christmas work party at the bosses house another good spread and do in Bucharest. This was followed by the Americans bash again a different affair to the Brits but still a fantastic night with live bands and singing and the free food and beverages helped.

In summary an absolutely fantastic first few months in Bucharest which has seen me experience some great new stuff but even better make some great new friends… Merry Christmas and to all you special people who have been part of this thirty somethings last few months….thank you and have a great start to the new year….

Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New years 🙂

No football, some football, what tomorrow?

19 Oct national-arena

Well Sunday started well enough with a New Zealand win and only Coke passing my lips (oh and an all day English breakfast!).

But this was ok as the plan was to play footy after the Rugby and have our first semi competitive game as FC Bucharest Casuals.  But as with all well planned events the spanners started to appear during the rugby with various calls that were giving apologies and for others they were not contactable  and had gone to ground.  However, the last 6 standing (well Cairan was sort of standing!), we made are way to our ground for the 1pm kick off.  Eager as we were to make a game of it there was no opposition and our contact was not answering….we hung around a little until we decided to retreat to the nearest bar and have the first official AGM/Social for the FC Bucharest Casuals.

We were happy enough that we were still undefeated but knew there was a lot of building to do so we put some plans in place (very quickly) and agreed to set another date for our debut game after half term.  Like any good Sunday League team the beers started to flow, then flow some moe and then a little further until we ended up in a bar where you just serve yourself at your table with your own personal beer tap!  Well by 8.30pm it was time time to get ourselves home and at 3am I found myself waking up from a sleep (… not in Lipscani – I know it makes a change!!!) but on my Sofa… that was no football!

Some football is there to explain yesterday watch Utd in the champions league where the pre match meal dragged on much longer than was anticipated, the bill took longet to sort than one could imagine over 300 Lei short how does that work out when everyone said they put well over the odds in to cover their food and beer?  Anyway a fast trot to the metro which on the map looked a simple enough exercise but in reality it beat a over a dozen degress and master degrees and a few post docs too – so we ended up making a dash for some taxis.  Making the kick off was not the only problem we were ticket shor (I am certain I checked, doubled and tripled checked – but I apologise I must have got it wrong!) – so ended up picking one for up from a tout.  We finally made it into the ground together only to find Romanians in our seats and stewards less than helpful in helping us reclaim them – after a while over half the party managed to get into their seat but as half time approached myself and 6 others were escorted to some spare seats – after a fair old walk under the stands it became clear that we were off in the Utd end.  SO managed to say the whole of the second half but a fairly uninspiring match despite a 2-0 score line.  So that was the some football!  Take a look at the video below at the pretty impressive National Arena in Bucharest and a few clips of the game.


So moving swiftly onto what tomorrow, well will it be football, touch rugby or none at all….whatever it is, it will followed by a curry….nice!

A quick message……

15 Oct

Well the truth is I am a wee bit intoxicated at the mo…..

Just nipped out to get a more appropriate set of clothes on ahead of tonight…..after rugby and then the amazing race (a little like a treasure hunt but more alcohol! – thanks girls for organising!) ……oh just got a text look like plans have changed and and a party now at the Fab 5s house!  Well anyway to finish off the rugby ended up not well against the French, the Amazing race finished off me running around Bucharest with a great team pulling my Calf and finishing second (gutting – it hurt!).

Bucharest is a great place to be , great people, great city and all together a great place….although let me wait till it gets really cold for real judgement!

Time is flying…

11 Oct

Well less than 2 weeks till half term where has the time gone….absolutely unbelievable!

A busy weekend yet again in Bucharest although a little bit of a blur as many others I’m sure will back me up on.  Friday night saw the three Amigos also known as Alex, David and Paul host a jolly house party which saw them snap into action and clean their pad….very impressive too.  Poker formed part of the evening with some of the better players maybe a little bemused by a number of the novices (which included me) but me and a few of the novices still made it to the final table and Floody being one of the aforementioned novices winning the pot well done fella!  After that was a bit of a blur and saw me for a moment or two take a rest and lay down on one of the beds then it was time to go and it was just a nap for a moment or two….but thanks lads for a good evening!

Saturday followed quickly with a shopping trip to get the outfits for a birthday bash in the evening.  The theme pop videos…..we went for the legendary early 90s band Red or Dead and looked very dashing in our red spandex.  So on the looking like complete prats we clearly won but think Devo won the night for the group costumes but plenty of other great effort went into the costume area from others.  However, a little drawing on various body parts with marker pen and the preview of the Ultimate Frisbee tour video compilation (which was fantastically put together – well done MB!)…..saw time come to head into town and for memory loss to start and when I say memory loss total complete memory loss big style with memory arriving at our first destination the Gin Factory being my only for the rest of the night (over 5 hours of it)….scary stuff….my only salvation is that others (far younger) suffered equally as much memory loss! No recollection of Mojo’s, kebabs or getting home (or not as it turned out!).

Well 9.05am and I started to come round and as my eyes opened at a n extremely slow and weary state then slowly realising I was on the floor with a duvet on top of me and there was a ceiling I didn’t recognise….for a moment I was disorientated then suddenly my basic instincts slapped in my brain started clicking into action and bang… was Sunday morning I was supposed to be running a quarter of a marathon in a relay team in 5 minutes arrrgggggh….I leaped to my feet looked around and realised I was at Cats in her lounge….questions would have to wait I needed to run (quite literally)….I shouted thanks and I was off.  A quick run across the square to mine change into shorts and run round the corner for a taxi and I was on my way….I made it!!!!  Although a little drunk still I was there ready (well there as I said) to run the second leg for my team.  So off I went and not a bad time less than 50 minutes by some way so I have been told (I was not timing).  However, the race was not over me as another team member had not turned up so still being a little not myself I stood forward to run the last leg (so effectively running a half marathon with no training and drunk!)……for a note a new word has entered the vocabulary of the English speaking residents of Bucharest which was ‘doing a Farrell’ which means letting your team mates down……only joking Paul…..I was fine with it really it was David who coined the phrase!

So basically after some food what was left of the day was spent in recovery and rest.

Last night was a quick spell on cross trainer then a spin class followed by a nice Italian for tea with as ever some great company.

So suppose that brings you all up to date with life in Bucharest it was just footy tonight and a bit of a rest.